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Tange International Co., Ltd. 臺灣丹下貿易股份有限公司

Frames | Front Forks | Tubes/Tubing | Rims/Pins | Handlebars | Stems

Tange is one of the oldest and most distinguished names in the bicycle industry. Starting with fork production in 1920, Tange has applied experience and engineering to improve bicycle technology and performance. Tange pioneered methods for butting and heat treating chromium-molybdenum alloy steel bicycle tubing, manufacturing tubes that are still considered by many frame builders to be the zenith of strength, precision and workability. Today, we continue to build on more than 90 years in the bicycle industry, offering a range of components and frame parts in addition to tubing and forks, all made to our famous, exacting standards.

Almost one century ago,in 1920,Yasujiro Tange founded a company that would become one the most iconic in bicycle industry. He gave this conpany his family name, and made it famous all over the world. Tange first produced forks and CrMo frame tubes. It quickly became synonymous of high japanese quality. During the golden ages of CrMo bikes,for road racing,and moreover BMX and MTB, Tange was considered as the best tubing maker by the biggest bikes brands, as well as be spoke frame builders. Today, CrMo is coming back and the new generation of Tange people decided to pay tribute to the man who wrote history by creating their own bike brand called Yasujiro. Yasujiro aims to show the way for modern CrMo bikes, a perfect combinaison of tradition and modernity for cyclists who want to (re) discover the unique taste of rinding steel. 
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Company Name: Tange International Co., Ltd. 臺灣丹下貿易股份有限公司 Company Type: Exporter ()
Area: Taiwan/Changhua County Company Size: 1-50People
Registered Capital: N/A Registered Year: 2003
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Business Scope: Frames | Front Forks | Tubes/Tubing | Rims/Pins | Handlebars | Stems
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